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Wholesale Hunting / Survival Knives
A handheld sharp-edged tool that can be used for outdoor cutting.
Wholesale Pocket Knives
A folding knife with a blade that fits inside the handle and is small enough to fit in a pocket.
Wholesale Medieval Swords
A long-edged cutting and thrusting weapon that is used in many civilizations throughout the centuries.
Wholesale Daggers
A double-edged blade that is used for stabbing or thrusting, fits perfectly in close combat.
Wholesale Throwing Knives
Specially designed and weighted knives that can be thrown effectively and accurately.
Wholesale Zippo Lighters
A portable device used to create a flame, consisting of a metal with unique colors and patterns.
Wholesale Handmade Swords
Swords assembled and formed solely by hand rather than through the use of machines.
Wholesale Crossbows
A weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles by releasing a trigger.
Wholesale Martial Arts
Systems of codified practices, traditions of combat and arts of self-defense.
Wholesale Self Defense
A countermeasure that involves defending oneself, one's property or the well-being of another from physical harm.

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